With the rapid phase of change in the digital currency arena, small to midsized enterprises (SME's) are increasingly moving toward outsourced solutions.


Given the compliance risks and escalating costs within IT, operation and finance, working with a trusted partner is extremely important. When you choose Zoompass, we become part of your team, bringing you resources and the customization you need.

  • Professional help desk services; technology platform support (infrastructure, servers, desktop and voice); and projects, moves, adds and changes
  • A full managed security solution ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data
  • Network management services including circuit provision and WAN design, management and support
  • Data center services (hosted infrastructure, applications and servers) that can help you reduce costs, improve end-user satisfaction and improve service levels

In this complex environment, the value of payments outsourcing reaches beyond program management and technical implementation.

Strategically, Zoompass proactively guides Small to Midsize Enterprises through payment needs scenarios, market and organizational assessments, and process requirements to streamline existing capabilities, identify opportunities and drive profitability.

Zoompass allows SME’s to focus on core competencies, client relationships and improving balance sheets, while opening up new opportunities for payments value creation.

We also leverage economies of scale and skill to support brand equity with strengths in secure processing, AML and KYC capabilities and expert knowledge of the regulatory arena.

Proactively managing risk, fraud and compliance must be balanced against client and cardholder experience to ensure the highest levels of service and satisfaction. Furthermore, aligning multinational institutional partnerships and alliances is equally critical, requiring the management and prioritization of complex stakeholder relationships.