Zoompass provides powerful financial services virtually through one of the most advanced platform available.


Zoompass virtualizes financial transactions through one of the most advanced platform available.

What motivates Zoompass is our ability to provide innovative and customized payout solutions and create secure technology that has evolved the way businesses operate. Being at the forefront of the payment solutions industry and a leader in the financial technology market, our platform drives banking independence, personal financial accountability, and new revenue opportunity for large and small businesses.

With our banking partners and our innovative technology, we provide smart alternative payment solutions for a number of business customers and government organizations. Our wide range of mobile wallet and prepaid cards solutions include check replacement, payroll payment automation, customized gift cards, incentive and rewards payments solutions and much more. Zoompass can support all your payments requirements, provide turnkey solution and services including customized white label mobile wallets, integrated prepaid cards, third-party integration services, client portal design and development, administration management, reporting and customer service support.

Zoompass was acquired on October 16, 2012. Enstream was formed through a technology partnership that includes Canada’s three largest telecommunication companies Rogers, Bell and Telus. More than $40 million was invested by the three telcos over five years to build what is a premier transaction platform that also included mobile wallet technology that far exceeded anything available in North America. Zoompass was the first Western Union certified mobile remittance product globally. Zoompass won a number of industry awards and achieved a number of firsts in the mobile financial products space. The Zoompass mobile money technology was performing NFC payments five years ago when others were still trying to figure out how it worked.

When fully exploited, Zoompass is a platform that presents itself as an unequaled contender in the Canadian marketplace.





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