Virtual Financing Increases Revenues

" On Average 53% of customers increased their spending when they used Point of Sale financing across all sectors"

Source: Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance Survey


Retail sales at the store level are constrained by the accessibility of quick and available financing. Zoompass's virtual financing solutions provides retailers with a turnkey solution that in most cases, will help drive revenue growth within weeks, not years! 


Virtual Financing in a Box


We provide full turnkey in-store financing and micro loan solutions for retail businesses. In addition, we make it simple for you to launch and start offering financing to your customers.

We Offer:

  • A full turnkey solution that integrates with your Point of Sales system
  • Quick approvals for customers while at the register.
  • Additional approved funds can be placed on a store branded prepaid Visa or MasterCard.
  • No liability for retailers. Financing is underwritten and provided by a third party
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Mobile Lending in a Box
  • Full turnkey finance solution for retail locations
  • Turnkey finance solutions for online retailers
  • Interest rates based on credit score quick approval
  • Additional credit funds loaded onto a prepaid card.
  • Revenue share compensation model 
Unused Lending on Branded Cards
  • Full funds from credit not always used
  • Customer receives a branded card with the balance 
  • Retailer enjoys revenue share from card fees 

The Stickiness Factor of Financing

Retailers offering becomes flexible and can be viewed as more than just a retailer while also providing convenience of paying for purchases with financing.

Balance of un-used in-store financing will be placed on a branded Prepaid Card to allow for purchases outside of retailer stores.

Micro-loans easily accessed through the mobile wallet that can be used anywhere, will provide real value to consumers.

Creates a new source of loyalty and engagement that could not be provided in the past

Value add of bundled extended warranty coverage of all financing plans

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B2B Card Add-On

Zoompass silver brushed card.png

Employee Incentive Programs

  • Incentive money loaded onto cards
  • Full analytics on purchases

Promotional Programs

  • Preloaded card as a purchase incentive
  • Rebate programs

Payroll Programs

  • Seasonal Workers
  • Third Party Contractors

Credit Card Programs

  • Residual on volume spent
  • Approval and activation revenues

B2C Card Add-On

Zoompass light brushed silver card.png

Online Retail Card Sign-up

  • Full platform features
  • Visa prepaid privileges

In-store Retail Card

  • Distributed at retail locations
  • Card attached to platform