Imagine how you would like to virtualize your financial transactions with your customers, employees or suppliers and Zoompass's platform will make it a reality.

As a leader in enabling companies to virtualize their financial transactions, Zoompass's platform will help you cut costs, simplify and expedite financial transactions while helping to expand your brand.




Motivate, acknowledge and retain your workforce by offering reward incentives that in turn will drive success. Unlike other reward systems that use gift certificates, events and merchandise, our mobile wallet Apps and prepaid cards solutions offer employees immediate access to their funds without any restrictions as to where they spend their earnings.

When combined with our electronic payment platform, funds become immediately available to employees through their mobile devices. With lower fees than issuing checks, this mobile payment solution will reduce costs and drive effective incentive.

Additionally, Zoompass can track where employees chose to use their rewards. This valuable information can be used to create future campaigns and is an opportunity to form new business relationships.

Zoompass customized reward incentives programs will:

  • Create reward programs unique to your business
  • Reduce fees associated with processing reward payments
  • Build brand loyalty and awareness
  • Reduce attrition and increase productivity


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Our Mobile Wallet and Prepaid Cards solutions offer a cost-effective and convenient payout alternative solution to the current traditional paycheques. 

Zoompass payout solutions are more advanced than any in the market and is proven to take your check issuance fees from $15 to less than $4. Reducing the labour in your payout system will cut even more business costs.

Using our mobile wallet platform and Prepaid Cards isn’t only a cost savings payout solutions, it is a secure one. With enhanced security, fraud protection and instant access to funds, employees can be assured that their earnings are safe. By eliminating the wait time for checks, traveling to the bank and the time it takes to deposit a check, you will increase company loyalty and create brand advocates.

As always, our innovative solutions are tailored to your needs from design to implementation, and you will see your business and your workforce benefit from the payout platform.


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Through the Zoompass platform, we can virtualize any rewards or promotions program.

Zoompass can transform an existing program, or can help create original and exciting marketing promotions to increase customer engagement and create loyalty that lasts. Customize your branding, campaign and interactions to make your business stand out in your marketplace. Using mobile wallets and prepaid cards for consumer incentives is also safe and flexible as our partners Visa and Mastercard are recognized worldwide.

When combined with our Mobile Money platform, you have the opportunity to create an enduring brand. Go beyond promotional campaigning by also utilizing Zoompass’ revolutionary money transfer and payment technology. With custom branding, our Mobile Money platform creates a distinctive awareness of your brand that engages the interest of new consumers and retains the allegiance of current ones.

The Zoompass' will also provide analytics on spending habits of your consumers when they use the Prepaid card or electronic payment platform to shape future campaigns and identify businesses to partner with in the future.

Our revolutionary, tailored promotional campaigns will:

  • Increase consumer engagement
  • Gain valuable insight into customer spending to help with future campaigns, email and social media marketing
  • Build an enduring brand and increase loyalty
  • Effective for both retail and online programs.


The most robust suite of credit card services that will increase revenue and brand awareness through an extension of quality bank resources.

With Zoompass Post Paid card services, your business will receive all the benefits of a customized credit card program without having to pay for additional resources. We provide businesses with a reliable third party card provider and a wide-ranging assembly of credit card service resources.

With low startup costs and revenue share that allows you to customize on certain fees, Zoompass will work with you to create the optimal credit card program for your company. Through our partnership with Home Trust* bank, you won’t have to extend resources you don’t have as our Post Paid card services also include:

  • All debt and interest are owned by our partner bank
  • All collections and receivables are owned by our partner bank
  • Security, fraud and risk management
  • Customer service representatives available to tend to card issues
  • Customized card design(s), card production and delivery
  • Marketing collateral branded with your logos
  • An Account Manager and more …

Save on resources and reduce your operations costs while generating revenue for your business and establishing your brand with our tailored Zoompass Post Paid card programs.

*Home Trust is federally regulated trust company and a Schedule 1 bank.



Zoompass provides simple, low-cost payout solutions for a range of government areas.

Zoompass mobile wallet and prepaid card Solutions eliminate the cost and security risk of printing and mailing paper cheques. Fast, reliable and safe for both the government and card holder, more government areas from social security to employment insurance are turning to this solution.

Our Prepaid Card Services for government:

  • Eliminate or reduce postage fees associated with mailing check
  • Eliminate expensive check issuance fees by taking them down to less than $4
  • Provide quick and easy access to funds, especially useful in disasters
  • Convenient way of compensation.